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Frigidaire Professional Stainless 7-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

The device was well packaged by the manufacturer to protect against damage, but the unpacking process was a bit convoluted and involved more styrofoam and plastic bags than I'd have liked. Kudos for keeping the ceramic and glass safe, but I've seen much more delicate items packaged with less bulk and requiring less effort to unpack (Apple excels at this).

The slow cooker is surprisingly light given its overall size. Not so light as to feel cheap or 'disposable', but light enough that most anybody could stow or lift it to counter height without issue. Materials are well chosen, with real metal, glass, ceramic, and plastics that aren't overly cheap feeling. In my experience, slow cookers have typically been extremely simple devices that keep working until you give them away, lose them in a divorce, or decide that the '70's vegetable theme print on the outside is too hideous to endure any longer. Given the fit & finish on this device I have no reason to believe this slow cooker will be any different.

The device features conveniences such as a 'soup' and 'buffet' mode -- great for frequent entertainers or for those looking to serve up their tasty cooking at potlucks, etc. There is also a timed cooking mode for automatic preparation while you are away. Those with more basic needs will find familiar 'warm', 'low', 'med' and 'high' settings.

Hands down the standout feature of this slow cooker is its capacity. This is a professional-range capacity device and will more than handle cooking for large families and most entertaining needs.

Almost more important than capacity are the proportions. I have checked out other large capacity slow cookers and found many to be too narrow and deep, or too wide and shallow. The Frigidaire's proportions are right within the 'goldilocks zone'. Wide enough for two average sized roasts side-by-side, and deep enough for plenty of veggies while keeping everything immersed in liquid.

The removable crock and glass lid clean up easily in the sink or dishwasher, and drips and spills wipe cleanly from the stainless surfaces. The button and dial-free control panel is a smooth sealed surface so there are fewer places for crud to accumulate.

- You are looking for very large capacity slow cooker
- You entertain frequently, have a large family, are a potluck junkie, or a caterer
- You are looking for a professional grade cooker with a stainless and black aesthetic to match your other appliances

- You have doubts about your need or ability to make 7 Quarts of *anything*
- You have serious storage constraints -- this fella is big

An attractive appliance built for performance and durability, the Frigidaire Professional™ 7 Quart Slow Cooker will get great results in the kitchen and streamline your cooking routine.

The easy-to-use Pro-Select™ display and six preset Pro-Select™ One-Touch Options on the Slow Cooker demonstrate the Frigidaire Professional™ commitment to high performance and high function, making it an asset for any at-home chef seeking a reliable kitchen solution.

Product Features

Spacewise™ Design 
The clever seven-quart capacity design makes the most of counter space with a unique shape that provides a large cooking area, and a style that looks great in the kitchen. From big meals to small servings, the Frigidaire Professional™ Slow Cooker provides maximum cooking flexibility.

Pro-Select™ LED Display 
An easy-to-use timer and six preset Pro-Select™ One-Touch Options on the display eliminate guesswork with any slow cooker recipe. The bright Pro-Select™ LED Display is large and easy to see in dark or bright lighting. 

Pro-Select™ One-Touch Options 
Like having your favorite meals on speed dial! Frigidaire Professional™ built in six preset Pro-Select™ One-Touch Options to make slow cooking even simpler. Choose from buffet, soup, low, medium, high or warm with one quick touch. 

Fully Programmable 
Completely customizable to your cooking needs, just select the cooking option, program the time, then choose the Auto Keep-Warm control to hold the temperature up to three hours until you’re ready to serve the meal. 

Additional Features

For convenient cooking and to help achieve great results, the Frigidaire Professional™ Slow Cooker offers several special features including:

• Stylish Stainless-Steel Exterior contributes to a durable and great-looking design

• Easy-View Glass Lid shows you the progress of what’s cooking 

• Ergonomic-Designed Die Cast Handles help easily transport the cooker around the kitchen or on-the-go

Frigidaire Professional™ kitchen appliances are known for their attractive design and powerful, easy-to-use features. Now that same level of high performance, durability and style is available in the new small appliance collection. The Frigidaire Professional™ Slow Cooker offers an easy-to-read Pro-Select™ LED Display and six preset Pro-Select™ One-Touch Options that ensure quality results, making it an asset for any at-home chef seeking a reliable kitchen solution. Its attractive stainless steel design, simple controls and powerful features offer high performance and function that help you achieve great results.

Add the Frigidaire Professional family to your kitchen

Large 7-quart capacity and fully programmable cooking options keeps the food nice and warm

Unique shape that provides a large cooking area and a style that looks great in the kitchen

Big meals to small servings, this slow cooker provides maximum cooking flexibility

Pro-select one-touch options on the display eliminate guesswork with any slow cooker recipe

Easy to lift handles allow transporting this cooker around the kitchen extremely convenient

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  • Spacewise Design
  • Pro-Select LED Display
  • Pro-Select One-Touch Options
  • Fully Programmable
  • Stylish Stainless-Steel Exterior