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Ivation 8-In-1 Programmable Multi-Function Pressure Cooker; Steamer, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker; High Grade Stainless Steel 6.3 Q Iner Pot, 14 Preset Cooking Styles, 1000W Power (White)

This is a very, very nice digital pressure cooker. I have had other electric pressure cookers in the past, but nothing like this one. This one has so many features and comes with extras which really made it stand out. I love that this pressure cooker basically does al the thinking for me. With all the one-button functions, it makes this pressure cooker super simple to use. One of my favorite features of this cooker was being able to brown meat right in the pot without having to do that on the stove in another pot. It saves me so much time. I also like that this has a slow cooker function so I can use this as a slow cooker. I can get everything ready in the morning just like I would do in a slow cooker, put the ingredients in, lock the lid down and push the slow cooker button. By the time I get home, my meal is ready. This pressure cooker also has a multigrain function which I have not seen on any other pressure cookers. I used to be afraid of pressure cookers because I remember my grandmother and mom using the typical stove-top type of pressure cooker and what a danger it was, but with this it makes cooking a homemade, home-cooked meal super fast that tastes so good in less time than it takes to get a pizza delivered. I love pressure cooking and this model by Ivation is really top of the line and the best pressure cooker I have ever had. I can highly recommend this. I can do even frozen chicken breasts in this if I forget to thaw something out and it will cook the chicken in about 30 minutes. It is never dried out and cooks it perfectly. This pressure cooker also came with a steam rack so I can set up my chicken to cook for 20 minutes, then add the steamer rack in and put veggies on it like corn on the cob, set it for another 10 minutes and everything is done all in one pot with no big mess to clean up! The insert pot itself is a heavy duty stainless steel pot with a reinforced bottom. The company also includes a measuring cup, a ladle and a spoon. The measuring cup is perfect for cooking rice and it has a rice button, so its a no-brainer!! If you want to try out a digital electric pressure cooker - this is definitely the unit to get! Perfect size too! Love this! **I received this product at a reduced price to review and provide an honest and unbiased review. The review above is my own.**

Enjoy This Revolutionized New Way of Cooking, With Its Own Language and Processes.
Product Overview
TheIvation 8 In 1 Pressure Cooker is not only ideal and fast, it's actually the only way to really utilize your cooking talent and get it to shine to its peak, it will build your confidence in the kitchen art; even for the pro-chef your food will taste like never before; Traps and absorbs all its moist, flavors and spices, so your hard work will not go to waste and will be reflected and appreciated. The tight seal and high boiling temperature (Over 250F) and Super-fast cooking ability will enhance you cooking experience, getting your meal ready in a fraction of the time, making cooking fun, easy, burden free, and always ready on-time; plus it will not heat up your kitchen and is super easy clean.

Healthy & Delicious
Pressure cooking is highly recommended by professional chefs & health expert! It prevents and preserves all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and flavors; and reduces all inborn anti-nutrients; ultimately giving you the most tasty, tender, and delicious meal. Enjoy the falling-apart lamb curry, with its flavors saturating the meat, chicken or pork chops with delicious broth; ribs so tender the meat will slip off the bones; also good for roast, beans, rice, soups and stews. Easy to use with 14 preset cooking styles, programmable timer function, automatic keep-warm, automatic and manual cooking timer.

Package Contents
• Ivation Pressure Cooker.
• Rice spoon.
• Soup spoon.
• Steaming rack.
• Measuring cup.
• Gasket.
• Inner stainless-steal pot.
• User Guide

Technical Details
Power: 110v-60Hz.
Pressure: 70kPa
Warm Temp: 140F - 175F

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  • Scientifically Proven To Serve You the HEALTHIEST, Most FLAVORFUL and DELICIOUS Meal; Preserving All Nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals and Flavors Condensed/Steamed Into The Food; While Reducing Inborn Anti-Nutrients and Preventing The Formation Of Carcinogenic Compounds; Rendering The Food Tender & More Digestible.
  • 8-In-1 Multipurpose Pressure Cooker for all Your Cooking Needs: Pressure Cooker, Fryer, Classic Slow Cooker, Rice/Hot Cereal Cooker, Sauté/Browning, Yogurt Maker, Steamer, Warmer & Canner.
  • Easy To Use Large LED Display Controls; 14 Preset Cooking Styles: Slow Cook, Steam, Saute, Keep Warm, Meat/Poultry, Stew, Beef, Fish, Soup, Rice, Beans, Yogurt, Multigrain, and Porridge.
  • Cooks Super-Fast: (70% Faster than Traditional Methods); Tight-Seal Prevents Kitchen Heat Up; Super Easy to Clean; Features Delay Cooking Time Up To 24-Hours, 3 Pressure Functions, Automatic Keep-Warm, 3 Temperatures for Sauté and Slow Cook; Auto & Manual Cooking Options.
  • Safe to use: Equipped with proven, Uncompromised Safety Mechanisms and Safe Lid Lock, Insuring Your Safety and Worry Free Use, UL and ULC Certified; Saves on Your Bill with its High Energy Efficiency. INCLUDES: Stainless-Steel 6Q Inner Cooking Pot, Stainless Steel Steam Rack, Rice Paddle, Soup Spoon, Measuring Cup, User Guide With Cooking Time Tables.