miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2016

Crockpot SCCPVM600H-BI Crock-Pot Metallic Black Slow Cooker with Hinged Lid, 6 quart, Black

This basic crockpot -- the only extra is the hinged lid -- is a great replacement for my 20 year old Rival Crockpot that looked like something bought in the 1950s. This one has a sleek black look, from the metal exterior to the oval ceramic insert to the hinge and handle on the lid.

The Crockpot has three heat settings -- low, high, and warm. The low setting runs hotter than the one did on my old crockpot, which means liquids start to simmer in about an hour, but it doesn't get nearly as hot on low as my mother's Cuisinart cooker does. The hot setting can cook food faster, although some foods will get tough when cooked at higher temperatures, so use caution. The warm setting is great when you've already cooked something and want to keep it at temperature until you're ready to serve.

Like most basic Crockpots, this one is made of lightweight aluminum that is disguised by the black paint. I like the oval shape, which makes it more conducive to cooking a chicken or pork loin than a circular one is. The lining is heavyweight stoneware that can lift out and go in the oven or dishwasher, and there are small grooves to let out some of the steam that builds up inside the crock. The top is dishwasher-safe but not oven-safe, so the liner and top cannot be used as a Dutch oven the way other brands can be used. Despite this small limitation, I really like the hinged top since I don't have to dirty the counter when I remove it to get to the food inside. The steam washes down the lid and right back into the pot. Plus, the lid has a gasket to keep moisture inside instead of running along the exterior of the pot. To remove the lid for cleaning, you merely grasp it and lift straight up. The only thing attaching the lid to the unit is the plastic that fits inside the opening.

If you are looking for a basic crockpot without programming or Bluetooth function or a digital display or whatever bells and whistles they put on slow cookers these days, this is an excellent choice.

-- Debbie Lee Wesselmann

Crock-Pot 6-Quart Metallic Black Slow Cooker with Hinged Lid for easy serving and entertaining. The unique stoneware is oven-safe for use in both the slow cooker base or in a conventional oven. This makes it easy to cook, warm and serve with the flexibility to slow cook and then brown or melt toppings in the oven, or bake first and keep warm in the Casserole Crock.

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  • Hinged lid stays up for easy serving
  • Dishwasher safe lid detaches for easy cleaning
  • Removable oval stoneware
  • Recipes Included
  • One-Year Warranty