miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2016

Instant Pot IP-Smart Bluetooth-Enabled Multifunctional Pressure Cooker, Stainless Steel

The reason for purchasing it: I have many family members I celebrate Christmas with and I often attend 2 or more Christmas dinners over the week of Christmas. This year, my cousin purchased the Power Pressure Cooker XL - the one seen on TV - and made delicious lasagna in 20 minutes, after a bit of a long warm up time. I decided I wanted my first pressure cooker, but I don't like Teflon, because of chemicals and because my boyfriend likes to use metal utensils to stir. I took a few days and performed a good amount of research and found the Instant Pot IP-Smart and it has a stainless steel pot. I figured, from the price reduced by my $50 gift card I received for Christmas, I was going big or not getting one at all. First, I love the bluetooth connection. I love that I can start, stop, and change settings from my phone, instead of standing in the kitchen. I have the iPhone 6+ and it paired easily while I was nearby. Bluetooth is not a long-range signal. Second, I love that I can create the details in the app for recipes I find online. I can set title, pressure, and length of time to cook. Cooking has never been easier!
The experience: My first meal was chicken and gravy with vegetables. It turned out fantastic - 15 minutes on high pressure. Done. The pot didn't burn the food at the bottom, like I've heard of other electric pressure cookers doing. I removed the veggies and the chicken and made gravy in the same pot for the chicken. It was a hit! The heat up time to get to pressure isn't very long, either. I know from family members' experience with other pressure cookers, theirs take 20-30 minutes to reach pressure before cooking. The Instant Pot takes 7-10 minutes. That's really good! Also, the machine is so quiet! I had to get really close to hear it working. It's perfect for family get togethers and meals at home.
Recommendation: Whether you spend $100 on the IP 60 or $250 on the IP 60-smart, you can't go wrong with the Instant Pot brand. Hippeessurecooking.com has YouTube videos reviewing this awesome product and the features are fantastic. Some have reviewed trouble with pairing or using the app, these instances can be influenced by location, home building materials, and device. I had no trouble pairing or using the device and the booklets and materials it comes with are enough to get someone who has never used one (like me) started. Personally, I love this pressure cooker and will recommend it 1000x to everyone I know. I cannot believe I ever lived and cooked without this!!

Instant pot smart is a revolutionary Smart cooker designed by Canadians with the objectives of being safe, convenient and dependable. It is Bluetooth enabled allowing programming and monitoring from smartphones or tablets. It speeds up cooking by using up to 70% less energy, and, above all, produces nutritious healthy food in a convenient and consistent fashion. instant Pot smart is a multi-functional fully-programmable Smart cooker combining the benefits of a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, porridge maker, steamer, Saute pan, yogurt maker, food warmer and more. A free iOS app (android app to be available soon) lets you program complex cooking steps in recipe scripts on your smartphone/tablet and execute on the cooker wirelessly. This capability allows the cooker's functionality to be upgraded and expanded after purchase, and the recipe scripts can be shared with friends. Your favorite dishes are within the reach of pressing a button. Green peas, sweet corn and baby carrots can be steamed in 2 to 3 minutes, fresh or frozen. To make mashed potato, don't boil potatoes in water for 50 minutes leaching nutrients into the water; steam them in instant pot for just 15 minutes. An entree of chili or Irish stew can be done within an hour, without you watching over it. Want to try the Japanese Onsen Tamago (hot spring egg)? there's recipe script in the free app. The free app also has recipe script to turn instant pot smart into a hot pot cooker. Tailored for varying tastes and food conditions, the programs come with 3 adjustable modes. Special features include 3 temperatures in Saute for browning, simmering or thickening, and 3 temperatures in slow cook to complete the tasks of a common slow cooker. Most traditional, modern and international recipes can be easily adapted for instant pot.

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  • Program and monitor cooking with a free app from Android/iPhone/iPad; Expand functionality by upgrading the free app and adding other recipe apps
  • Multi-Functional fully-programmable, combining the benefits of a pressure cooker
  • 14 built-in smart programs, dual pressure, automatic keep-warm and 3 temperatures for saute, slow cook and keep-warm
  • Ul and ULC certified with 10 proven safety mechanisms; highly energy efficient and kitchen friendly
  • Stainless steel steam rack with handle, silicone mini mitts & manual and recipes in English, Spanish, Chinese and French