sábado, 23 de enero de 2016

Gourmia DCP860 SlowSmart 8.5 Quart Digital Slow Cooker - Multiple Programmable Modes - Cool Touch Handles - Oval - Stainless Steel

SlowSmart Xpress Digital Programmable Slow Cooker Model #DCP860 by Gourmia
8.5 quart
I am super pleased with this heavy duty programmable slow cooker.
It is an oval shape with a big black glass heating cooking bowl (stoneware pot) on the inside. When I first took it out of the box I was very impressed. The big black bowl is thick and heavy. The clear tempered glass lid fits nicely. It has a black handle knob on the top of the glass lid to easily lift the hot lid when you are ready to sample the goodies inside.
It has two black handles attached to each side for lifting or moving around. If it was empty I would grab the whole pot and not just the handles because it is heavier than my others. I can imagine when it is full. I AM SUPER IMPRESSED. I LOVE NEW KITCHEN GADGETS FOR ME.

I started out by washing the black bowl and lid in hot soapy water. I know that is obvious but I just don't use the dishwasher for big things like this although it is dishwasher safe. I never would wash the electrical part in the sink or immerse in the water.
The cord is short but a safe short so that it isn't hanging down anywhere. You do need to plug it in somewhere that the short cord will reach.
This is definitely not to be used in the microwave or on any hot surfaces or burners. (I know that is obvious but just stating the facts.)
My counter top is just fine using this without anything under neath it and I didn't feel heat on my counter but I also have a counter top piece that fits under my slow cooker just in case. Never have had any issues but I know some counter tops don't like the heat for a long period of time.

There is a time display window that is digital on the front. Easy to set directions.
Low, Warm and High selector button and a timing program selection button.

I did a large beef pot roast with potatoes, carrots, onions, mushrooms then added celery the last hour (which was the only time I lifted the lid and it was done on high in about 4 1/2 hours. The whole house smelled amazing and I could leave the house knowing my meal was cooking and all would be well.

I am very pleased with this item and will be enjoying all of its features and learning more each meal I get the change to cook in it.
I can't say enough how much I like this manufacturer. They should be well known in each household. I would recommend this.
I did purchase this at a discount in exchange of my honest review.

Preparing meals for the family has never been easier when using the Gourmia DCP860 8.5 Quart Digital Programmable Portable Slow Cooker. The Gourmia DCP860 8.5 Quart Digital Programmable Portable Slow Cooker has a black ceramic vessel. Use the low setting for gentle, uniform heat to deepen rich flavors. Use the high setting for better cuts of meats and dishes featuring vegetables and grains like soups or stews. The keep warm setting makes sure the meal is ready when you are. Even more, the insert doubles as a serving dish and can go straight from the base to the table and then into the refrigerator to store leftovers with quick convenience. The easy to lift and carry stay-cool side handles on the cooker ensure safe, comfortable transport from home to parties or potlucks and back again.

Whether you're cooking for a smaller family or looking for an easy way to prepare side dishes, the Gourmia DCP860 8.5 Quart Digital Programmable Portable Slow Cooker will save you time in the kitchen. It couldn't be simpler to operate - just add ingredients to the ceramic insert, set the temperature and timer, and let the machine do the rest. When you're ready to dine, the insert goes right to the table for serving. 

The Gourmia DCP860 8.5 Quart Digital Programmable Portable Slow Cooker offers an easy-to-read display and Low, High and Warm presets that ensure quality results, making it an asset for any at-home chef seeking a reliable kitchen solution.

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  • Programmable cooker has an easy-to-read digital LCD Panel with easy-to-read time and temperature settings with easy to use & ergonomically designed buttons.
  • Low, High & Warm Temperature settings. See-through tempered-glass lid. Cool to touch handles for easy transfer.
  • Features a removable oval shaped non-stick ceramic 8.5 Quart vessel which is large enough to cook food for a crowd and can go right to the table for serving.
  • Machine automatically switches to keep Warm setting after cooking is complete to automatically keep the foods warm until serving time.
  • Product Dimensions W 16 L 11.5 H 11 - 1 year part & labor warranty is included.